Ward Goes, graphic design and visual anthropology

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I am an independent designer, researcher and writer, trained in media design and cultural anthropology. Based in between Paris and Amsterdam I work on a freelance-basis on commissioned projects while also developing independent research projects.

In my work I look at design and typography as part of public debate, visual culture and public space. In my research I document, categorise and re-contextualise seemingly mundane visual vocabularies in public space and public debate to offer a new perspective. However graphic design serves as the basis of all my projects my work manifests itself in different forms, among which screen-based, printed, and three-dimensional media.

After gaining work experience at Studio Dumbar (Rotterdam, NL) and Base Design (Brussels, BE), I work independently since 2014, while at times tutoring at the Design Academy Eindhoven.




Professional Experience


06-2013 > Present

Independent designer, researcher and writer. Working on both commissioned and self-initiated projects for commercial and cultural clients. Paris, France / Amsterdam, Netherlands.


02-2016 > 01-2018

Tutor/Mentor in the third year minors Open Lab department & The Collective at Design Academy Eindhoven. Eindhoven, the Netherlands.


07-2013 > 08-2013

Graphic design internship at Base Design. Brussels, Belgium.


02-2013 > 05-2013

Graphic design internship at Studio Dumbar. Rotterdam, The Netherlands.


10-2012 > 02-2013

Graphic designer at Müller van Tol. Amsterdam, The Netherlands.






09-2014 > 07-2016

Master of Science (Cum Laude). University of Utrecht, Faculty of Social Sciences, Cultural Anthropology, Utrecht, The Netherlands.


09-2015 > 01-2016

Minor in Sociology of migration. University of Amsterdam, Faculty of Social Sciences, Sociology, Amsterdam, The Netherlands.


09-2009 > 12-2013

Bachelor of Design (Cum Laude). Design Academy Eindhoven, Man and Communication, Eindhoven, The Netherlands.


09-2002 > 07-2009

VWO Atheneum Physics and Engineering. SG Lelystad, Lelystad, The Netherlands.




Residencies & Grants


03 - 2019 > 11-2019

Immersive Journalism @ TU/e Innovation Space (collaborative residency with Jim Brady), Eindhoven, the Netherlands.


06 - 2018

The Spring Thing @ Arc Artist Residence (group residency), Romain Môtier, Switzerland.


01 - 2018

Re-invent the Party @ Arc Artist residence (group residency), Romain Môtier, Switzerland.


05 - 2017

In and Out of Europe @ Arc Artist residence (individual residency), Romain Môtier, Switzerland.



Keep an Eye Design Talent Award (Nomination), Keep an Eye Foundation.







Domestic Affairs at Virginia Commonwealth University. Research project News for Eternity Pt 1. Doha, Qatar.



Domestic Affairs at Passagen 2015. Research projects News for Eternity Pt. 1 and The Spectacular Times. Cologne, Germany.



Graduation Show at Design Academy Eindhoven. Research projects News for Eternity Pt. 2 and The Spectacular Times.  Eindhoven, The Netherlands.



Sense Nonsense at vanAbbemuseum. Research project News for Eternity Pt.1. Eindhoven, The Netherlands.



Self Unself at Salone del Mobile. Research projects News for Eternity Pt. 2 and The Spectacular Times. Milano, Italy.



Arte-Utíl at vanAbbemuseum. Research project News for Eternity Pt. 1. Eindhoven, The Netherlands.



Focus on Crafts at Design Huis. Crafts and Community, Empowerment through the Act of Making. Eindhoven, The Netherlands