Ward Goes is an Amsterdam based

News for Eternity


visual communication designer,

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researcher and writer.

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News for Eternity  — Bachelor Thesis (2013) Cum Laude  — In the current media landscape form is winning over content, intrigue over analysis and  controversy over debate. How do we anticipate our so called growing 'news numbness'? News for Eternity aims to start a different kind of debate with regards to the news. By re-contextualising news and presenting news items in a museological environment the project attempts to shift perspective. In assessing and discussing the value of certain news items in this new context the project stimulates to move beyond passive sensation, onto active and critical perception. The News for Eternity institute presents news as art, and as such becomes a new forum for discussing media and news. It does so through a virtual museum  and an art program of which the first piece 'Edward Snowden' by Mattia Papp was finished in 2013. Besides, the institute communicates with the general public through different communication outlets and its website.

Photo taken by Peter Cox, © van Abbemuseum

Photo taken by Simone Muscolino, © Bureau Europa

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