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New for Eternity

In the current media landscape form is winning over content, intrigue over analysis and  controversy over debate. How do we anticipate our so called growing 'news numbness'? News for Eternity aims to start a different kind of debate with regards to the news, how it is being processed, and how it is being valuated. By re-contextualising news and presenting news items in a museological environment the project attempts to shift perspective. In discussing and  assessing the value of news in relation to the value of art, the project stimulates to move beyond passive sensation, onto active and critical perception.


The first part of this research project evolves around NSA wisstleblower Edward Snowden. For the better half of a year, I tracked the news surrounding Snowden, in order to trace the (fading of the) hype around his person, that started beginning of the summer 2013. At the beginning of 2014 he had almost fully faded from mainstream news broadcasting and reporting. To eternalise him nonetheless, Mattia Papp painted a still from his iconic interview in a hotel room in Bangkok. The painting has been exhibited at multiple occasions, among which Domestic Affairs at Doha's Common Wealth University, and Sense Nonsense at the Van Abbemuseum in Eindhoven.


In order to eternalise even more news, the second part of News for Eternity is an ever up-to-date virtual museum, that presents news as art. Its permanent exhibition displays news events in chronological order, from the turn of the century, until now. For every year it displays 15 paintings, that each depict major news events of that year. Visiting the museum thus demands critical reflection as to what is important (enough) to make it into the NFE's virtual museum (and what is not). Finally, in order to formalise the news-into-art discussion, I founded the News for Eternity institute. The NFE-institute presents news as art, builds events around this art, and becomes a new forum for discussing media and news.


This project was first developed as part of my Bachelor Thesis at the Design Academy Eindhoven  (December 2013, Cum Laude).

News in a Museological Context

Virtual Museum

'Edward Snowden' by Mattia Papp

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