Ward Goes is an Amsterdam based

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visual communication designer,

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researcher and writer.

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The Spectacular Times  — Bachelor Thesis (2013) Cum Laude  — This project, realised in collaboration with media designer and programmer Ruben van de Ven, visually investigates the subjectivity of news reporting and broadcasting. It sets out to lay bare different social, cultural, (geo)political and ideological representations of currently circulating news. By layering, integrating and contrasting diverse news elements, and changing the design in which they are presented, the installation re-contextualises news at large. For this interactive installation we developed a script that uses user defined variables to animate news headers, texts and images, which are directly sourced from over two hundred news websites world wide. By adjusting these parameters (among which region, scope and speed) the user actively perceives how the presentation of particular news items changes and influences the interpretation of their content. Hence, the Spectacular Times creates a user biased and ever-changing news image.

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